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Walking Meditations

Daily I strive to walk either on the path to the river or at Verona Beach State Park. It is a time to be quiet, listen to that small inner voice, or put on some worship music and praise Creator God. I would love to share this experience with you.

If interested in any of these adventures,

contact me via messenger on my Facebook page,,

or go to the Contact Page and send an email. 

Kayak Trips

My husband and I love to kayak. One day kayaking on Salmon River in Oswego County, we came upon a branch of the river that was secluded and peaceful. Enjoying the quietness away from the hustle of fishermen, we saw a small cabin. In awe, we said, "this is what we need in our lives." We then said a prayer and thanked God for our future river. 
He answered our prayers! We live on a property that borders Oneida Creek, which feeds into Oneida Lake. We can head to the lake or the opposite direction as the river winds through God's Creation for miles. If you want to join us on a trip, reach out.

Peace at the Cabin

God has indeed blessed us. Our prayer for many years was to find a place with some land that bordered a river. In His time, we began looking for a new home. When we first saw this house, the realtor brought us to the river. As I stood there, I felt in my spirit that this was the place for us. We put in a bid, which was accepted, but we lost the house because someone outbid us. 
Befuddled knowing in my spirit this was the place, I had to surrender it all to God. Months later, we received a call that the sale fell through, and if we were still interested, the house was ours. We are overwhelmed by God's goodness that we live in our promised land! 
We built a small cabin to retreat from the world's chaos a few years later. There is a solar panel for lights, an environmental peat moss toilet, a wood stove, and more. If you desire a retreat for a few hours, the cabin is the place. Presently we only provide access during daylight hours. 

Water Falls, Lakes
& Rivers

Years ago, a special friend taught me the need for my body, soul, and spirit to sit near the water. I am a passionate, vision-goal-oriented person, and I need time to be refreshed, soothed, and rejuvenated; God's water is my healing salve. 
I love exploring different waters, and depending on my mood and need, the Holy Spirit directs me to the water I need. If I need an energy boost to flush out a tough day, I head toward a waterfall. If I need to feel the massiveness of God's love, I head to a lake that leaves me in awe of His creation. If I need peace, I go to a still and peaceful lake that reflects the beauty of creation. One of my favorite water trips is a bubbling creek. I can stay there for hours, marveling at the sounds, rocks, water, and birds, and even dip my feet in as if being baptized again by the hand of God. Ask God what water soothes your soul, and then treat yourself to a God-led adventure. It makes life exciting and fun! 

Drumming for Fun

I love to drum. I have a djembe, a standing drum, and many hand drums. I also have other percussion instruments, such as sticks, rattles, etc. I play drum music on YouTube and drum alone, but it would be much more fun with other people. 

I have seen many drum circles advertised in the area; however, I am interested in something other than paying a fee or drumming based on different belief systems. 

I am a believer that loves a good beat and would be thrilled if we could start a drum for Jesus Group for praise and a bit of fun. 

If interested in any of these adventures,

contact me via messenger on my Facebook page,,

or go to the Contact Page and send an email. 

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