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First Nation Trail Blazers

"Journeys to Peace: A Parable of Forgiveness" mentions many Native believers are reaching their fellow brothers and sisters. They travel to different reservations, churches, and communities to encourage, break-down walls, and teach the truth about Jesus and His love for them. Here is a listing of some of these trail-blazers: – One Woman’s Fight for Justice ​ ANNA – Awakened - – Jonathan Maracle, Christian musician and speaker breaking walls of separation – Bill Pagaran carrying messages of hope to Alaskan villages ​ - Cheryl is a multi-award winning singer/songwriter who shares stories of Indigenous life through story and song ​ Cheryl Bear -Be Fearless Keepers First Nations Version - New Testament - capturing the beauty of Native story telling while remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament. ​ – Inter Act Ministries across the North Pacific Crescent – Mission to make disciples among the least reached people – Living Hope Native Ministries – North America Indigenous Ministries – Native Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Restoring the Heart Singing Feathers Ministries - Twiss, Richard – “One Church Many Tribes” – Following Jesus the Way God Made You UMI Ministries – establishing Biblical Churches Uiminternational.orgRain Song MusicWarriors For Christ – Wiconi International – Native Christian Radio – Richard Twiss Interview with Shane ​ – Richard Twiss – Three Past and Three ​ - Cheryl Bear ​ – World Gathering of Christian Indigenous People

I hope you check out some of these websites!

God's blessings and peace ~

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