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Journeys to Peace Parables

Are you lost, unloved, bitter, angry, hurt, anxious, fearful, and hopeless?

Shawana was experiencing this when she began her spiritual journey.


Journeys to Peace takes a young Native woman on a journey to find hope and the love of Abba - Father God and His son -Yeshua - Jesus. Shawana learns to embrace her past and forgive to live the way of Jesus. 

Her journey back home to her reservation brought her a new understanding of her people's past atrocities. With Yeshua's help, Shawana became filled with compassion, forgiveness, and healing for herself and her family.


Through Shawana's journey, I hope people will recognize and become aware of the past and current injustices Native Americans (First Nation people) have endured. We must move to a time of forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing for the sake of all people, especially our nation. 

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this God-inspired story was published to encourage, heal, and bring you to a place of peace in your life. May Journeys to Peace Parables help you find God's ultimate, never-changing unconditional love available to all. 

May you be encouraged and inspired and realize you are unique and loved and have a purpose in life. May you embrace forgiveness and live with the peace of Yeshua so your soul and spirit are healed. 

May your life be filled with many journeys to peace.

God's Blessings and Peace ~ 


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