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Lessons in Nature

I am always amazed at the lessons I learn by observing God's creation, especially the animal kingdom. Lately, deer have been visiting our yard, grazing on pines, ivy, twigs, and sunflower seeds that have fallen from our feeders. 

I have a book that most believers would deem "evil" that I use to learn about God's creatures, called "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. In the past, I was afraid of this book out of ignorance and followed the opinions of others. It contains things I do not believe nor will ever follow; however, it is one of the best books I have read on animals and birds - their habitats, food, etc. 

I discovered that large quantities of sunflower seeds are unsuitable for a deer's digestion, so I closed the gate to protect them. One deer, in particular, was persistent and jumped the fence to get the seeds!!!

I chuckled and thought about my life and the times I decided to eat better. I was no better than the deer and wanted it, so I ate it. Believer, it is time to take authority over the flesh. If we can't control eating, how can we grow spiritually? 

I thank Yahweh for my four-legged deer friends and this reminder.  I asked myself, am I going to be gentle, loving, and caring for myself and begin a new, exciting adventure to good health? Or am I going to jump the fence to satisfy my flesh? 

God's blessings and peace and may your day be filled with good choices for your body, soul, and spirit. ~



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