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Lessons in Nature

Animal Speak - Fear, Friend or Foe

I am always amazed at the lessons I learn by observing God's creation, especially the animal kingdom. Lately, deer have been visiting our yard, grazing on pines, ivy, twigs, and sunflower seeds that have fallen from our feeders.

I have a book that most believers would deem "evil" that I use to learn about God's creatures; called "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews. In the past, I was afraid of this book out of ignorance and followed the opinions of others. It contain things I do not believe nor will ever follow; however, it is one of the best books I have read on animals and birds - their habitats, food, etc.

Are You Persistent?

I discovered that large quantities of sunflower seeds are unsuitable for a deer's digestion, so I closed the gate to protect them.. One deer, in particular, was persistent and jumped the fence to get the seeds!!!

I chuckled and thought about my life and the times I decided to eat better. I was no better than the deer and wanted it, so I ate it. Believer, it is time to take authority over the flesh. If we can't control eating, how can we grow spiritually?

I am grateful and thank Yahweh for my four-legged deer friends and this reminder.

Am I going to be gentle, loving, and caring for myself and begin a new exciting adventure to good health?

Or am I going to jump the fence to satisfy my flesh?

I sincerely choose to finally put the flesh at bay and walk the Yeshua way in life. Will you join me? If you want to walk, talk and grow together, message me via email. Let's support each other and have some fun!

May your day be filled with good choices for your body, soul, and spirit.

God's blessings and peace ~


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