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March On

The heavenly is preparing a people for their marching orders. As storms gather throughout the earth, we believers know God had marched before us and paved the way.

God Will Lead the Way

When God releases marching orders, a great anointing will be released for those who have a heart for God and choose to live His purpose. Man will not do it, but it will be through miraculous blessings laid upon man. People need to prepare for marching orders; the spiritual realm is in significant conflict now, battling to help us prepare.

Preparation is vital for that which is coming.

Meditate day and night in the Word.

Obey the Holy Spirit’s promptings.

Forgive injustices and move beyond that which is in the flesh.

We are stepping into a time where playing Christian will not be sufficient. Immaturity will be your downfall, and the words spoken will create destruction. Be ever so mindful of these things – be prepared for when Marching Orders are released.

May your day be filled with His eternal love.

God’s blessings and peace ~


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