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Meditation for Today

The battle in my mind is never-ending as I deal with health concerns. The more I focus on symptoms, the worse the situation develops. It becomes a vicious circle and battle. 

I know from the Word it does not have to be like this. The Word of God has promises and a way out of everything if one renews one's mind. It takes discipline.

Life changes as I meditate on the Word of God and renew my mind. Peace, rest, and joy fill my heart no matter the circumstances. I have experienced this freedom, but the thoughts again bombard my mind. It is a battle of my soul.

Satan wants to control my life, but it will not happen. Jesus has won the war. I need to watch the thoughts streaming through my mind diligently. I need to be alert to what I am exposing my mind to. I need to be a watchman in my thought life. The fight is a challenging task but worth the effort. 

The Word of God is the answer. Replacing thoughts and renewing my mind, peace, not stress, will be my guide. This is my aspiration today.

May the Holy Spirit remind you each time you fall into the deceptions and lies of Satan and catch the thought. Speak the Word aloud, and you will live a more peaceful, worry-free life. 

God's blessings and peace ~



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