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My Vision Statement

Updated: Jan 23

It is God's best to have Godly visions and goals in life. Otherwise, we can be pulled along in life by the world, the flesh, and personal desires and waste the precious gift of the life God has given us. 

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart to take an in-depth look within. I still waiver in my words and actions regarding living the Word of God daily, and I continuously try to determine my purpose or path in life and have yet to get anywhere. My last direction from God was writing Journeys to Peace - Parables of Love, Forgiveness, and Grace, for which I was most grateful and blessed. Since then, I have been in a dry spell trying to move in the flesh.

Not wanting to wait or give up my desire to fulfill a purpose for God, I have often attempted to start a ministry by my works and will because I thought I heard God's direction or it seemed fun or the right thing to do. I have had diverse intentions but never felt it was right or God's perfect time. The Holy Spirit recently revealed to me that I can only step out into my purpose once I have grown and matured myself.

In my spirit, I heard the first step to maturity was to make a personal vision statement. The Holy Spirit reminded me, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18 

Here is what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart at this time:

My current purpose is to be made new in the attitude of my mind, put on my new self, and walk confidently in the righteousness and blessings provided by the Blood of Jesus to prepare for life eternally with Him in glory! To accomplish this, I will meditate on the Word, voice it, and visualize healing and victory through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I will spend time in worship, prayer, dance, and thanksgiving to aid in self-renewal. If it is God's will, in His time, and with the Holy Spirit's guidance, I will enter the world in a God-ordained ministry to share what I have learned for God's glory and the expansion of Yahweh's Kingdom. Not of my will or works, but entirely wholly dependent on God. In Yeshuas' Name, I pray ~

I pray you also write a personal vision statement to reflect growth needs in your Godly walk, and we can mature together. Please share it via email if you are comfortable and so inclined. 

May God continue to bless and nurture your spirit. 

Blessings and peace ~



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