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The Struggle is Real

Updated: Jan 23

"Then Jacob was left alone;

and a Man wrestled with him until the breaking of day. 

Now when He saw that He did not prevail against him,

He touched the socket of his hip;

and the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him. 

And He said, “Let Me go, for the day breaks.”

But he said, “I will not let You go unless You bless me!”

So He said to him, “What is your name?” He said, “Jacob.”

And He said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel;

for you have struggled with God

and with men, and have prevailed.”

Genesis 32: 24-28

The struggle is real! 

Each day, when I get up, I have a choice: choose God or allow the mind and emotions to lead me. Jacob struggled with God and humankind; we have the same fight daily. The battle is to accept the Word of God to be true in our lives or allow satan to dictate and ruin our day.

Jacob did not give up in the battle, even when injured. There are days when I'm so beat up that the battle scars are too challenging to handle, but then the Holy Spirit reminds me that the struggle is for my growth as a believer and not to give up!

Whether fighting against emotions, physical ailments, negative mindsets, or even God, we mustn't give up. Persistence in the fight is crucial to victory, which is done through faith in the Word, perseverance, and unwavering prayer. 

We must stand on God's Word and the promises. Jesus paid the price on the cross with His blood for us to live in victory. We must not be lazy and refuse to give up. The battle is already won through Yeshua.  

Jacob fought, even was wounded, but prevailed. We can, too; the battle is won because of Jesus!

God's blessings and peace ~



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