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Journeys to Peace hopes to encourage and inspire believers to walk the Jesus way in life by sharing posts with scripture-based meditations.

In addition, God had placed in my heart long ago a deep empathy for Native Americans, aka First Nation people. Check out my God-inspired book, "Journeys to Peace - Parables of Love, Forgiveness, and Grace, and my thesis, "Restoration of Heart - Unity in the Body of Christ Through Contextualization. We can move to unity in the Body of Christ through restoring and healing hearts, especially amongst the First Nations people. Let me know if you would like a "free" copy! 

I pray this visit will bless you and gives you encouragement, hope, and peace ~


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God's Word, Journeys to Peace Parables, and Restoration of Hearts


Who Am I ?

My name is TR; I believe in Jesus Christ. Yeshua is my redeemer, and I joyfully strive to walk His way in life. I love sharing what I have learned on my journey, the wonders of God's creation in nature, His Word, and the lessons to encourage others.

Be transformed by the renewing

of your mind.

Romans 12:2

Yahweh aka God

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