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My name is TR; I believe in Jesus Christ. Yeshua is my redeemer, and I joyfully strive to walk His way in life. I love sharing what I have learned on my journey, the wonders of God's creation in nature, His Word, and the lessons to encourage others. ​

My heart's desire is always to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. My life is blessed with many adventures listening to His small voice. One of those adventures was the writing and publishing "Journeys to Peace - Parables of Love, Forgiveness, and Grace." Please check it out if you need an inspirational, encouraging book about a young Native woman that finds Jesus. 

In addition, I recently completed my doctorate, which resulted in "The Restoration of Hearts - Unity in the Body of Christ Through Contextualization." It was an enlightening process that will awaken many to the truth about First Nation believers. God loves all His children, and it is time to walk in love.

Through intent living, we all can experience love, forgiveness, the grace of God, and restoration. Renewing your mind with the Word of God is the only path to a peaceful life. A renewed thought process will ultimately restore one's heart, healing the body, soul, and spirit. 


Meditating in God's Word and sitting in His presence brings peace to one's soul, even on the most challenging days. Though it is not easy to remain focused on God's Word, it is critical for one's health and well-being. 


The Meditations of the Heart page shares short 2 - 3 minute recordings of scripture-based words that will encourage and help you renew your mind. When one changes their mind, it will change their life. 

Also check out my Facebook Page or Instagram.


May God continue to bless you and shower you with His unconditional, never-ending love, so you may always know you are valuable and loved.

God's blessings and peace ~


"'But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord"
Jeremiah 30:17

Journeys to Peace

TR Brennan

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