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I've been on many journeys in life - sometimes, I found my way to peace; other times, I found myself in trials, errors, and many tears. Still, I always found peace and contentment when I turned to the Word of God and followed my unique path and the voice of the Holy Spirit, regardless of what the world thought. Here is a little more of my journey.
Living in a state of fear and worry most of my life, I realized I had no joy and continuously faltered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. God heard my prayers and sent a woman to my small bookshop; she became a dear friend with a heart for Jesus, who opened my eyes to the Bible and the power of the Word of God.
My friend was unique in her ways; she was an herbalist, and her unconditional love for people reminded me of how Jesus would have been when He was here on earth.

She taught me many life lessons, especially facing my fears; she had named me "Clear Heart," for God had gifted me with a unique ability to see things "clearly." I was happy for the first time because I had found the person God created me to be. I was on my path to peace.
My friend passed unexpectedly, and as the years went on, I stopped reading the Word, praying, and sitting in God's presence; everyday life became the priority. I took the wrong steps and opened my life and family to ungodly people and beliefs. 
My health failed; I was diagnosed with numerous autoimmune diseases, including lupus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, joint pain, and so much more. I survived on many medications but was frustrated, depressed, and lost.
After hitting rock bottom with the help of the Holy Spirit, I decided it was time to make a change and chose to live. I recommitted my life to Jesus, started meditating in God's Word, and completed a Master's in Christian Counseling and Doctorate in Ministry. 
While traversing these life lessons, God blessed me with a heart's desire to write and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, penned "Journeys to Peace - A Parable of Love, Forgiveness & Grace."  In the book, I share many teachings from my dear friend; only through Jesus can we live a life of love, forgiveness, and grace.  
My journey to healing body, soul, and spirit continues, knowing now the Word of God is the answer to all situations. A fruitful life is just a matter of the right choices and living under the grace of God; life then becomes an adventure filled with joy, wonderment, love, and peace.

​God's Blessings and Peace ~  



Living Every Day With A "Clear Heart" For God



Author - Journeys to Peace - 

A Parable of Love, Forgiveness & Grace

Doctorate of Ministry

Newburgh Theological Seminary & College Bible

Master of Ministry - Christian Counseling

International Seminary

Recipient Entrepreneur Center Business Plan Award


Recipient Utica College Alex Haley Journalism Award


Wellness Advocate doTerra

Advocate for First Nation People

Advocate of Healing the Body, Soul and Spirit

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